Frequently Asked Questions:

· Are you Daniel Byrd, the actor?

No, I am not.

· Is there anything you will NOT draw for me?

Do NOT ask me to draw images that would be considered child pornography or images that depict cruelty to animals.  I also reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason, although I am a generally laid back individual.  Please review my Gallery to see if your idea/project would be up my alley.

· What does ‘CoffinRust’ mean?

Basically, it just has a nice ring to it.

· Isn’t selling your art considered selling-out?

I have a very hard time parting with my work, and I often agonize over what pieces to sell and for how much for weeks or months before coming to a decision.  But, the fact remains that money makes the world go ‘round.  I have to sell Originals and Prints in order to buy more art supplies in order to create more art.  Plus, I must say that I’m absolutely honored to know that someone likes my work enough to buy it and display it in his or her home.

And beware of anyone who purposely tries to feed you this “starving artist” mentality.  Judging from the ones that I’ve met, the reason they’re "starving" is because they're too lazy to work, and are using the title of "artist" as an excuse for being a bum.
“…responsibility to the responsible…”

· You seem to draw a lot of penises, are you gay?

First of all, I think I also draw a fair share of female genitalia as well.  But why would my sexual preference matter anyway?

Regardless, I hate seeing a supposedly heterosexual male draw nothing but gigantic tits (often on very anatomically incorrect female bodies).  This is an obvious sign of the person either being a closet homosexual or being excruciatingly pathetic.

· Why all the Horror stuff?

Why not?  That’s what I’ve always had an interest in doing so that’s what I’m going to do.  If I get a commission or a job that isn’t in this genre I can certainly perform accordingly, of course, but as far as work that I’m doing on my own it’s going to appeal to my sense of aesthetics and interests, which just happens to be horrific to some people.

· Who’s your favorite artist?

I have quite a few, actually.  Some of my favorites include Egon Schiele, Alphonse Mucha, Andres Serrano, J.P. Targete, Brom, Simon Bisley, H.R. Giger and countless others.

· Can I put a link to your website from mine?

Absolutely - I’d greatly appreciate it.  My URL is and feel free to use one of my banners.

· Do you worry about offending anyone?

I believe that people who get offended deserve to get offended.  I’m reminded of, and can identify with, the lyrics from an Anthrax song entitled
Burst, which goes “I don’t intend to offend, I just offend with my intent.” That sums up this situation quite nicely.  I can tell precisely what kind of a person someone is by the reaction they have to my art.

· Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Actually I have a
wife, but thanks for asking.